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Immunity: the role of gut microbiota

Preserving the integrity of the gut microbiota is essential for maintaining good defences, and probiotics can help do this.

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Health information

Treating a urinary tract infection or cystitis

This article provides information about this infection and the various ways to treat it.

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About PiLeJe

Our purpose:
health-based medicine

PiLeJe’s purpose is to promote the health of each individual, maintain it for as long as possible, and restore it when necessary.

Our purpose

About PiLeJe

Interview with Dr Christian Leclerc
Chairman and Founder

For more than 30 years, we have worked with people like you to develop a new approach to healthcare which we call health-based medicine

Interview with Dr Leclerc

Health information

How to choose the right probiotics ?

The effectiveness of a probiotic does not depend only on the strain or the dosage. Other criteria must be taken into account when making the right choice.

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  • Immunity: the role of gut microbiota
  • Treating a urinary tract infection or cystitis
  • Our purpose
  • Interview with Dr Leclerc
  • How to choose the right probiotics ?

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With its extensive experience of this matter in France, PiLeJe has set out to introduce health-based medicine to healthcare professionals and their patients throughout the world.

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