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Probiotics taken during pregnancy
can reduce the child's risk of allergy

Taking probiotics and fish oil supplements during pregnancy may reduce the child's allergy risk

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Health information

Taking antibiotics increases a child’s allergy risk

Runny nose, cough, high temperature, sore throat... common ailments that make a parent’s life more difficult !

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Zinc supports the normal functioning of the immune system, helps to protect the cells from oxidative stress and supports normal cognitive function.

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About PiLeJe

Our purpose:
health-based medicine

PiLeJe’s purpose is to promote the health of each individual, maintain it for as long as possible, and restore it when necessary.

Our purpose

About PiLeJe

Interview with Dr Christian Leclerc
Chairman and Founder

For more than 30 years, we have worked with people like you to develop a new approach to healthcare which we call health-based medicine

Interview with Dr Leclerc

  • Probiotics taken during pregnancy can reduce the child's future risk of allergy
  • Taking antibiotics increases a child’s allergy risk
  • Zinc
  • Our purpose
  • Interview with Dr Leclerc

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With its extensive experience of this matter in France, PiLeJe has set out to introduce health-based medicine to healthcare professionals and their patients throughout the world.

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