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Bandeau expertise Nutrition

Nutrition expertise

PiLeJe supports individuals looking to improve their health through nutritional and lifestyle choices.

PiLeJe’s Expertise in Nutrition

Anyone who adopts a healthy and balanced diet can return to a “healthy weight” and enjoy feeling fit and well. Moreover, a healthy diet helps prevent the many pathologies associated with a diet that contains excessive quantities of carbohydrate and fats.

Re-balancing a diet to achieve the goals mentioned above, and to lose weight in particular, cannot be achieved without individualised support. 

PiLeJe specialises in the manufacture of high-quality nutritional products, which are recommended by health professionals, and in the development of aids and techniques for changing behaviour. Both of these types of product can help individuals achieve their weight-loss goals.

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  • 35% of adults worldwide are obese or overweight

  • In France

    are obese or overweight

  • A diet high in carbohydrates and poor-quality fats causes weight gain and is a risk factor for numerous chronic diseases (type-2 diabetesn high blood pressure, osteoarthritis, etc.)

  • Individualised support is essential for anyone looking to achieve long-term weight loss:

    Support • Motivation • Health

L'accompagnement dans la démarche nutritionnelle


Support for healthy eating

Obesity and overweight are chronic disorders which require long-term support and management. Each individual must make healthy nutritional and lifestyle choices regularly and durably; this cannot be achieved without help from a health professional trained in how to provide this support.

Concentrating solely on diet, with the help of a dietician and/or on fitness with the help of a trainer, for example, is not enough. The limited scope of approaches such as these explains why many people give up on a new diet or lifestyle choice. Sooner or later, old eating patterns or lifestyle choices return, often due to insufficient support and motivational encouragement.

The three key requirements for achieving durable weight loss are: re-balancing the diet, developing a more positive body image and learning how to manage everyday emotions. This last requirement is essential in terms of staying on track for the long term.

PiLeJe creates tailored nutritional solutions

PiLeJe's vision:  
individualisation and medicalisation

PiLeJe develops protein-rich nutritional solutions designed to make it easier to follow nutritional programmes focussed on the needs of the individual.