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About PiLeJe Group

The PiLeJe group has been making and selling healthcare solutions for 30 years, always striving to ensure that patients with functional disorders, risk factors or chronic diseases can live better, healthier and longer lives. PiLeJe’s healthcare solutions can be used alongside medicinal treatments and are prescribed by healthcare professionals based on personalised recommendations.

PiLeJe designs and develops ingredients (probiotics or plants) and special formulations using plants, probiotics and micronutrients, and has its own manufacturing division, PiLeJe Industrie. All our healthcare solutions are developed in close cooperation with public research. 

    Key figures:

    • 700 employees at 5 sites in France
    • 318 product references available
    • Present in 35 countries, including 5 subsidiaries

    Find out more about PiLeJe Industrie at: