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La Revue des Microbiotes

The first French scientific journal dedicated to microbiota
and their effects on human health

Since 2015, La Revue des Microbiotes has presented the latest findings of microbiota research and informs healthcare professionals about the effects of this new knowledge on human health.

The current situation is independently analysed and commented on three times a year by a scientific committee of specialists from different backgrounds.

La Revue des Microbiotes receives institutional support from the PiLeJe laboratory.

Free access:

  • 3 issues per year
  • 24 pages per issue dedicated to microbiota expertise
  • An email notification for each new publication
  • Last special reports: Microbiota and HIV/Aids; faecal
    microbiota transplantation; the lung microbiota
Cover n°14 - La Revue des Microbiotes

More information on La Revue des Microbiotes website: