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Phytotherapy expertise

PiLeJe is involved at every stage - from growing the plant through to Individualised Clinical Phytotherapy.

PiLeJe’s Expertise in Phytotherapy

PiLeJe applies its expertise to the control and management of every stage in the process of producing its phytotherapy health solutions. From the selection of the plant species (there are more than 2000 species for some plants!) and the choice of growing conditions to the development of the finished product (tailored pharmaceutical preparation, packaging).

Since 1998, PiLeJe has used fresh plants as the raw material for its health solutions and has developed its own specific process to preserve, extract and package the compounds contained in these plants. 

A key element of this process is PiLeJe’s extraction technique which ensures that the active and useful ingredients recovered from the plant are as similar as possible to those contained in the original plant. This set of active and useful ingredients is known as the “totum” of the plant, and their synergistic combination is responsible for the plant’s unique therapeutic properties.

  • A plant

    there are hundreds of different species of some plant

    contains up to 250 substances considered as "active"

  • The quality of a plant extract depends on the quality of the raw material used: selected species and extract, place of origin, the timing of the harvesting

  • A "totum" extract is one in which every one of the plant's active and valuable ingredients is preserved in its original form through the use of a carefully designed extraction process

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Individualised Clinical Phytotherapy

Plants can have a holistic effect by acting on different levels and regulating various bodily functions. The multitude and complementarity of their constituents mean they can regulate and support the body rather than just remedy a single problem in one particular organ.
The past twenty years have seen a rise in individualised clinical phytotherapy, combining scientific knowledge about plants and their compounds and knowledge about their therapeutic benefits on the pathophysiology of illnesses.. 

Individualised Clinical Phytotherapy

PiLeJe quality:
clinical research and development of unique process

Ultimately, the quality of the finished product and its efficacy depends on the quality of the selected plant. That’s why the PiLeJe laboratory attaches great importance to the choice of plants that it uses in the development of its phytotherapeutic products.