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Bandeau engagement

Engaging with healthcare professionals

Promoting training and information for healthcare professionals

By means of symposiums, seminars, evening debates, web conferences and best practice groups, PiLeJe engages with healthcare professionals to help them enhance the way they work and inspire them towards health-based medicine, which is based on prevention and holistic treatment. We hold more than 500 training events every year, which healthcare professionals can attend remotely or in person at towns across France. As well as the actual training, these events are also an opportunity to discuss changes to medical guidelines and share experiences.

Modules covering health issues such as digestive disorders, sleep problems, immunity, fatigue and nutritional prevention for cardiovascular diseases or type 2 diabetes are designed by doctors with expertise in nutrition, micronutrition and phytotherapy, and other specialist doctors. With our buddy and mentoring schemes, healthcare professionals are assisted by their peers to help them use the diagnosis tools developed by PiLeJe, and learn how to offer patients health-based medicine consultations.

Every two years, we invite over 600 healthcare professionals to the PiLeJe symposium. The programme includes discussion-led workshops and scientific presentations by doctors and researchers who are passionate about their work and reputed in their field. Thanks to the ongoing industry watch conducted by PiLeJe’s scientific department, the symposium is a key event for learning and communicating, with up-to-the-minute information on scientific and medical affairs.

Committed to the long term

Under the patronage of the Fondation de France, the PiLeJe Foundation  sets out to encourage young and old people alike to take their health into their own hands. Through extensive partnerships with schools, councils, businesses, sports clubs and hospitals, the Foundation organises talks and educational workshops to explain how our lifestyle can help us to stay healthy. Over one hundred events are held in France every year to address topics such as diet, exercise, sleep and how to manage stress and emotions.