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Visuel expertise Microbiotes

Microbiota expertise

PiLeJe has played a pioneering role in the study of probiotics, developing protocols for the investigation and selection of specific probiotic strains.

PiLeJe microbiote expertise

The PiLeJe laboratory pioneered the study of probiotics, and for many years has performed and published multiple experimental studies of probiotic strains, including their resistance to different physical and chemical conditions (for instance, their sustainability and resistance to different environments) and their impact on health. It thus contributes to the progress of scientific research in this area. 

  • up to

    micro-organisms, primarily bacteria, constitute the intestinal microbiota

  • 2 kg

    the weight of the intestinal microbiota

  • An imbalance in the populations of the interstinal microbiota is called dysbiosis

  • Any imbalance has repercussions on body functions (impaired assimilation of nutrients and micronutrients, disrupted immune defence system, etc.) and may contribute of the onset of numerous pathologies.

historique microbiotes


In 1990, it developed and marketed one of the first formulae in France to include probiotics. 

Pileje, pioneered the study of probiotics

The PiLeJe vision:
individualized medical product

Over many years, PiLeJe has developed protocols for investigating and selecting specific probiotic strains. Along with other processes, this work makes it possible to test the clinical efficacy of PiLeJe's increasingly sophisticated health solutions Fresh avenues for research are continually being discovered, opening up possibilities for the therapies of the future. 

Individualisation of strains