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Our purpose: health-based medicine

Helping everyone reach their optimal physiological state

PiLeJe’s purpose is to promote the health of each individual and maintain it for as long as possible. This is achieved by applying what Dr Christian Leclerc, the Group’s founder, calls “health-based medicine”.

This concept stems from the idea that for each individual there is an optimal physiological state. Living at or near this state will enhance quality of life. PiLeJe’s aim is to steer individuals towards their optimal physiological state, and thus improve their long-term health.

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Consultations focused on the individual, not the symptoms

PiLeJe promotes a holistic approach to consultations - treating the individual as a whole rather than just the symptoms. The problem or disorder experienced by an individual cannot be dissociated from their personal circumstances: their medical history, environment, diet, exercise regime, lifestyle and needs.

All these factors need to be considered when managing an individual's health and addressing the condition, and may involve combining therapeutic solutions with lifestyle changes. 
This approach empowers the individual to participate in maintaining their health, assisted by healthcare professionals and other specialists.

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Promoting closer cooperation between healthcare professionals

Staying in good health is more than just a goal; it’s an on-going project. To keep a body functioning as it should, the individual needs to consider a wide range of factors that have an impact on health – looking after body and mind, physical exercise and good eating habits.

Strengthening or preserving health may require joined-up input from various practitioners and specialists. For this to work, professionals working in a range of disciplines - medicinal and non-medicinal therapies (for both body and mind), lifestyle, nutrition - need to work together and pool their skills This approach can transform the practice of each of these professionals.

Intermediate levels of health

People do not generally go from being well overall to unwell in a short space of time. There are intermediate phases during which the body may show signs of impaired function.

Watching out for and reacting to these signs is thus very important, using the appropriate diagnostic techniques (blood tests, functional questionnaires, emotional assessments) so that healthcare professionals can provide individualised support.

"La Micronutrition" - a practice pioneered by PiLeJe

"La Micronutrition" considers the impact of micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, trace elements, essential fatty acids, etc.) on health, evaluates deficiencies and imbalances, and looks for ways to correct and optimise an individual's micronutritional status. Micronutrition is most effective when it is tailored to the individual, since everyone has their own unique pathophysiological profile and nutritional requirements.

This novel field can be applied in a number of ways, one example of which is in overcoming deficiencies caused by a poor diet, which can be treated using PiLeJe's nutritional supplements that contain high levels of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and essential amino acids and fatty acids.

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