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Our purpose: health-based medicine

Guiding everybody towards their optimal physiological state

PiLeJe’s purpose is to promote the health of each individual, maintain it for as long as possible, and restore it when necessary. This is what Dr Christian Leclerc, the group’s founder, calls health-based medicine.

This concept stems from the idea that each person has an optimal physiological state in which we can prevent the onset of disease and enhance quality of life. Its aim is to steer everybody towards their optimal physiological state and  sustainably improve their health.

Health-based medicine takes account of all the stages that lie between health and illness, addresses the person as a whole, and promotes preventive medicine. 


Consultations that focus on the person

We believe in addressing the person as a whole during a consultation, rather than a list of symptoms. The patient is a person experiencing a problem or disorder which cannot be dissociated from their personal circumstances: their medical history, environment, diet, exercise regime, lifestyle and needs.

All these parameters need to be considered when managing their health and introducing a treatment which may combine therapeutic solutions with changes to their lifestyle.
With this approach, the person actively participates in maintaining their health with the help of healthcare professionals and other specialists.


Working hand in hand

Staying in good health is more than just a goal, it’s a project. Good health isn’t just about having a body that works, it hinges on a panel of favourable criteria - a healthy body, exercise, a balanced diet, and a healthy mind.

Restoring or prolonging good health may require input from different practitioners and specialists, which means that a range of disciplines need to be reconciled - medicinal and non-medicinal treatments, lifestyle, nutrition and mindset - and for the professionals that work in those areas to cooperate and pool their skills. In doing so, the input of each of these professionals is transformed.

Intermediate stages of health

People don’t abruptly switch from being in good health to being ill. There are phases between the two where the body may manifest functional issues such as tiredness, irritability, digestive problems or sleep issues. If ignored or not treated correctly, they can develop into chronic conditions and even induce other diseases.

That’s why it is so important to identify and treat these signs, using the appropriate diagnosis techniques (blood tests, functional questionnaires, emotional assessments) so that healthcare professionals can treat the patient according to their individual needs.

La Micronutrition - a medical practice invented by PiLeJe

PiLeJe has developed a discipline known as “La Micronutrition”, which considers the impact of micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, trace elements, essential fatty acids, probiotics, etc.) on health, evaluates deficiencies and imbalances, and looks for ways to correct and optimise an individual's micronutritional status. Micronutrition lends itself to individualised treatment, as each patient has their own pathophysiological profile and nutritional needs.

Micronutrition can be applied in a number of ways. It might be combining antioxidants and fatty acids to protect against the harmful effects of free radicals which occur as cells age; overcoming deficiencies caused by a poor diet by developing nutritional supplements containing high levels of vitamins, minerals, oligoelements, amino acids and essential amino acids; or regulating gut bacteria, also known as microbiota.