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PiLeJe throughout the world

The nutritional requirements of people in Europe reflect those of the French population and have an effect on health issues. Armed with its extensive experience of this matter in France, PiLeJe has set out to introduce health-based medicine to healthcare professionals and their patients throughout Europe.  

The PiLeJe method

Recommending and prescribing the product which most closely fits the patient’s needs and will be of the most benefit requires input from everybody involved in the healthcare process.  PiLeJe applies this principle to its partnerships outside of France. We believe that there’s no point selling a product if it’s not used correctly. And the only way to make sure it’s used correctly is to ensure that healthcare professionals are able to provide the right advice. This can only be achieved by sharing knowledge, imparting our scientific culture, and providing training.

A small world

PiLeJe currently has five subsidiaries in Spain, Benelux, Italy, Switzerland and Sweden. In total, we have products and factories in 43 countries outside of France. 

"PiLeJe approaches markets outside France as partners, grows with them as a community, and acts in synergy."