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Women’s health

Pregnancy, genitourinary disorders, menopause… Pregnancy and menopause prompt a great many gynaecological consultations, but they are not the most common reason.

Many factors linked to our environment or lifestyles can disrupt the balance of the vaginal microbiota. Such disruptions open the door to urogenital infections and need to be managed.

1 INSEE 2015 statistical data for France: life expectancy of a woman = 85 years (and menopause assumed to start at 50)

At every phase of life, women have specific requirements
  • Probiotics:
    the vaginal microbiota's
    best allies

  • 60 to 75%
    of women are
    low in iron
    by the end
    of pregnancy

  • At current life
    expectancy levels,
    women spend
    40% of their life
    in post-menopause1