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Micronutrition expertise

Micronutrition considers the impact of micronutrients on health and evaluates the effects of any deficiency with a view to correcting and optimising an individual's micronutritional status.

PiLeJe expertise

The primary focus of conventional medicine is on curing disorders. It treats the disease presented by the patient, but is generally less effective in preventing problems.
Because the aim of a typical medical treatment is usually to resolve a specific pathology, it may well have little or no effect on the cause of the disorder - which limits its overall value.
PiLeJe deliberately pursues an approach to health-based medicine which is tailored to the individual, and which is not only preventive but also complements conventional medicinal practices.

  • Iron defiency is
    the most common
    deficiency worldwide

  • 7 out of / 10

    French people consume less than the recommended intake of magnesium

  • Individualised Micronutrition:
    - A preventive approach to disorders and dysfonctions affecting the human body.
    - The way that it manages or treats these conditions complements conventional medicine by mitigating certain adverse reactions to treatments or by potentiating their effects


Micronutrition at the heart of health-based medicine

It is at these early stages that Micronutrition is so effective. Micronutrition supplements conventional medicine by offering a preventive dimension. Its value stems from the fact that disorders and pathologies occur, to some degree at least, as a result of a deficient intake of micronutrients or because of micronutritional imbalances.

Correcting these deficiencies or imbalances can help to prevent the onset of problems or disorders or, if the disease is already established, it can improve the efficacy of a conventional medicinal treatment.

PiLeJe, specialist in individualized approach

PiLeJe's vision:  
individualisation and medicalisation

As a trailblazer in the field of Micronutrition, PiLeJe develops solutions for individuals and healthcare professionals which adhere to the principles of Health-based medicine, with the aim being to provide individualised and preventive therapy which complements conventional medicine.