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PiLeJe’s Expertise in Nutrition

Anyone who adopts a healthy and balanced diet can return to a “healthy weight” and enjoy feeling fit and well. Moreover, a healthy diet helps prevent the many pathologies associated with a diet that contains excessive quantities of carbohydrate and fats.

Re-balancing a diet to achieve the goals mentioned above, and to lose weight in particular, cannot be achieved without individualised support. 

Indeed, to be effective, any attempt to lose weight should involve following a low-calorie nutritional programme. To lose weight an individual must change their energy balance, i.e. reduce their daily intake of calories and engage in more physical activity.

However, this is not enough - the proof of which is the failure rates for the various “weight-loss diets” and the disappointment felt by those who try to follow them and fail, often repeatedly.

Losing weight effectively and durably requires individualised nutritional advice and psycho-behavioural support designed to manage the frustrations and negative emotions.
Unless an overall programme of guidance and support is in place, it is difficult to lose weight and not put it back on.

Individualised behavioural nutrition is an approach to managing overweight and obesity that was designed and developed by doctors about fifteen years ago based on the above principles.

Visuel expertise nutrition

PiLeJe specialises in the manufacture of high-quality nutritional products, which are recommended by health professionals, and in the development of aids and techniques for changing behaviour. Both of these types of product can help individuals achieve their weight-loss goals.

The ultimate objective is for the individual to adopt a varied and balanced diet which is easy to follow on a day-to-day basis, and which thus introduces benefits for the whole family.