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PiLeJe, committed to the environment

The Group has published its environmental charter

As a key player in the healthcare sector, the PiLeJe Group is committed to the environment. 

Energy, Waste, Ecodesign, Transport and Advocacy are some of the areas in which our efforts are particularly focused. We are delighted to have published our environmental charter, which sets out our main actions and the challenges we shall face in the future.

To ensure the success of its actions, the Group has set measurable targets for its activities which have a significant impact on the environment and shall assess its progress towards these targets on a yearly basis. PiLeJe undertakes to report every year on the performance of its environmental actions.

By adopting this Charter, the directors, managers and employees of the PiLeJe Group undertake to act in accordance with the provisions stated therein and shall implement fresh initiatives to ensure that it evolves on a regular basis.


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