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Stéphane Ricard

Snowshoe/Trail Running

  1. Stéphane, high-performance athletes can be experience health issues like oxidative stress or a weakened immune system. Have you noticed a difference since you started receiving guidance on micronutrition?  
    Huge! Thanks to my regular courses of micronutrition products, I’ve made up for nutrient losses, especially for digestive problems. Micronutrition has enabled me to restore my gut flora, which is essential for a healthy body. These days, I recover much more quickly, and my sessions are much more beneficial as the days and weeks go by. Taking good quality natural supplements is essential when you do endurance sports.
  2. Would you say that micronutrition affects your performance?
    Absolutely! On longer trail runs, the digestive system really takes a bashing. We put it under a lot of pressure. Like I said, for me this is one of the main things to treat. If you’re low in iron or something else, you need to restore the gut bacteria before supplementing your iron intake. I’ve been using PiLeJe health products carefully for a number of years. They’re straightforward and easy to use, and they get you through the season. 
Stéphane Ricard