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Sandra Levenez

Triathlete and Duathelete

You’re entering your second year of partnership with PiLeJe. Can you tell us how micronutrition fits into your physical preparation and how it affects your performance?

Just like everyday training, micronutrition needs to be planned depending on the time of year, training load (running, cycling, swimming, muscle training) and the way the body reacts to these various factors. The idea is to stay one step ahead, so that the body can deliver its best performance on race day.

Micronutrition is essential to performance, but I’d also say that “no  micronutrition, no performance”. This goes for high-performance sports but also applies to everyday life. What’s more, it’s important to specify that, for micronutrition to be as effective as possible, it must be combined with a balanced diet. It’s the combination of the two which really benefits performance, whatever area you apply it to, whether it’s elite sports, everyday exercise, or the workplace.

Sandra Levenez