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Robin Duvillard

Cross-Country Skiing

  1. You’ve been following a micronutrition plan for a few years now. How long has it been exactly? 
    It’s been 7 or 8 years!  PiLeJe has a lot to do with my performance because that’s the same time at which my career really took off.
  2. What has this guidance brought you? What place does it have in your physical preparation and on your performance?

    Micronutrition with PiLeJe has changed my approach to performance. We talk about nutrition a lot in sport, and it is important, but micronutrition  takes it to the next level. It can be used to optimise sports performance even more. For a sportsperson to pay attention to their diet without looking at micronutrition is like training without thinking about resting. Nowadays, thanks to the professionals that advise me, I supplement my diet with the micronutrients my body needs but doesn’t produce. And it takes into account the season, my physical condition, and any issues (time zones, problems sleeping, altitude, etc.) which means I can plan for them in advance so they don’t have a knock-on effect. 

  3. You’ve already had a great win at the beginning of 2018 with the Foulée Blanche race. What are the next stages and goals for this year?
    I’ve learned a lot this year and the thing I’m most proud of is keeping my head in the game despite my disappointment about not competing at the Olympics, which meant I won 10th place in the world cup in the 50 km (my favourite distance) in March. The season will be ending in a couple of weeks, and I feel on top form to get back into training and have a great season next year, with my sights set on the world championships where there will be ... a 50 km!

Robin Duvillard