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Dr Philippe Beury

Doctor for ESTAC Troyes Football Club

Do you believe micronutrition can help to reduce injuries? 

Not just that... The aim isn’t to reduce injuries, but to reduce the negative effects of training and competitions on the players. 

High-level sport exposes the body to free radical attacks and oxidative stress. To help our players stay healthy, obviously, we have to teach them how to eat better, but we also need to use techniques to reduce the oxidative impact on the body. This is where micronutrition comes in; it can be used before, during and after exercise to build up defences and optimise the body’s reaction to this stress.

In this respect, we can say that it reduces injuries like tendinopathies, but that’s not the main aim. Micronutrition allows us to reduce oxidative stress so that the players can perform better as well as training better and for longer. An elite athlete’s goal is performance. PiLeJe’s health products can help them to achieve that.