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  1. Geoffroy, you’re a young swimmer and you already have some impressive titles under your belt. You follow a micronutrition plan, can you tell us why? 
    I’ve always been careful about what I eat. However, I realised that I wasn’t able to get enough from my diet to compensate the physiological loss incurred by intense training. So I started looking for solutions and went to see micronutrition specialists for guidance.
  2. What essential qualities would you say you need to perform well as a swimmer? To perform well in swimming and in sports in general, you have to love what you do. Wanting to do it is the basis of success. If you don’t want to go out and train, then there’s no point. Perseverance is also important. Being able to pick yourself up after a defeat and learn from your mistakes. For me, they’re the two essential qualities for an athlete.