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  1. Claire, you’ve been following a micronutrition plan for several years now. What changes have you seen and how has it affected your performance?
    My PiLeJe micronutrition plan means I no longer have dips in my condition caused by deficiencies in between seasons. Micronutrition enables me to train for longer and manage my metabolism, which is a bit unusual. That has a direct result on competitions, as shown by the way I’ve performed brilliantly over the whole season.
  2. What goals have you set yourself for this new year?
    After coming 21st in the European Cross-Country Championships in December 2017, my goal was to have some fun with short cross country running. I smashed that goal by winning the 3000 metres in the France Elite Championships as well as a podium finish for the individual short cross-country title. 
    This new year has also started off with a big improvement of my personal best for the indoor 1500 metres. Other than that, I’m going to try to run quite early so that I can enjoy being on the track, which is where I really like to be.
Claire Perraux