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  1. Charlotte, you’re a promising swimmer and have already notched up some great wins. You’ve been receiving micronutrition advice for a year now. Can you tell us what it’s changed in terms of your training?
    I decided to look into micronutrition a few years ago after hearing recommendations about it from other athletes and I’m glad I did.  Since I began including micronutrition into my daily diet, I’m not as tired, especially when I’m training hard. I also had iron and magnesium deficiencies which have since cleared up.  Micronutrition with PiLeJe helps me to train better and makes me more resistant to fatigue. 
  2. What essential qualities would you say you need to perform well as a swimmer? 
    I think the most important thing for swimming at elite level is to have good physical attributes. Mindset is also very important because swimming is a very tough sport and involves a lot of sacrifices. 
Charlotte Bonnet