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Maxime Greseque

Rugby League

  1. As well as a being a player, you’re now also a rugby coach. What essential qualities would you say you need to perform well and become a high-level player?
    Rugby league requires all the qualities of a modern athlete: strength, muscle tone, agility, speed and focus. But those qualities alone aren’t enough. You also need to practise a lot and have a healthy lifestyle.
  2. Where does micronutrition fit into your physical preparation?
    An elite rugby player’s preparation includes a specially adjusted and carefully planned diet. Micronutrition can provide this. It’s an integral part of my athlete’s routine. My physical prowess hinges on my daily intake (food and food supplements). To perform well and be in the best shape all the time, you need a healthy, balanced diet, and to make micronutrition a priority. With PiLeJe’s health products, I’ve found the right balance; they don’t just help me to prevent injuries, they also help me to develop and accentuate my performance.
  3. Which goals have you set yourself for 2018?We’re entering the play-offs, which is a very important period. Our aim is to get through to at least one final. We’re in the semi-finals of the French cup. And we’re second in the French championships and well set to play a semi-final. 
    But in rugby league, as with any other high-level sport, you can’t take anything for granted and we need to work hard to achieve these goals.