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Laurent Bessière

Reims football team
Performance Manager for the Stade de Reims

  1. What were the team’s goals for the first season of 2018? 
    It’s easy to say now that it’s done, but the goal was to move up to the Conforama Premier League. For us, the staff, of course, it’s to make sure the players are in the best conditions to go out and play their matches and get straight back into training in June after the season ends in mid-May. A lot of factors come into play for team to be able to keep up their performance like they’ve done this season. 
  2. Where does micronutrition fit into the players physical preparation? How does it affect their performance?
    Actually, micronutrition is one of these factors. We drew up individualised protocols for any players who had a deficiency, for example. The quality and diversity of PiLeJe’s products means we can adapt each player’s micronutrition depending on his needs and the ups and down of his condition. Micronutrition has to go hand in hand with a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet. The idea is to keep fatigue at bay, make sure the players can keep up their efforts throughout the season, and achieve the goals set more easily.