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Benjamin Nivet

Troyes Football Team - ESTAC
Position: Midfield

  1. How are you going to prepare for the new season?
    The best way to prepare for the season is to have a healthy lifestyle, a good diet and to make the most of rest periods. We did a week’s training programme all together at the beginning of July. That helped us to work on our physical preparation and build our cohesion as a team. The PiLeJe health products that we take help us to keep injuries down by ensuring that our bodies are well balanced. 
  2. What role does micronutrition play in your preparation and what effect does it have?
    Micronutrition helps me to prepare my body the best I can for physical effort. But it also plays an important role in the way my body recovers. It takes a lot of energy to play for 90 minutes and micronutrition helps my body to recover more easily.